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  • Man Up: Release the champion in you




Your tax deductible gift helps build strong families, sane societies and secure nations as men discover how to release the champion in them. Thank you and God bless you for your gift of love.

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Men will discover a real relationship with Holy Spirit and experience uncommon wisdom and power for everyday living.

- Dr. Oral Roberts

If you're not the perfect man - you should read this book. The blueprint for manhood is presented clearly and excitedly.

- Pat Boone

Women, this is the book you've wanted him to read. A masculine writing style that will entertain and empower your man to become God's man.

- Lee Ezell

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Welcome to Man Up Ministries
What Does it Mean to MAN UP? | Print |  E-mail
manup_logo_transWhat does it mean to Man UP and release the champion in you? To MAN UP means to be all the man I was created to be. When I MAN UP, I tap into all the power of manhood. I release the champion in me and accomplish supernatural results. How did I get to be a man? Do I qualify as a real man, or do I fall short? How do you Man UP and get the power and wisdom needed for manhood? How do you handle life as a real man? We must make the Man UP discovery. So, buy the book, listen to the podcasts, give us your feedback and discover the champion in you!
Book Foreword | Print |  E-mail
Have you ever been intrigued by one of those men who has a secret smile? Dr. Cliff Self is one of those rare men who stills giggles and chuckles with a dimpled grin. He relishes life as a banquet and attacks it with a king-sized fork, knife and lobster bib. His insatiable appetite is contagious.

What is he hungry for? He's hungry for men to be raised up with a passion for intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and for every man in his "hood" to realize he has a date with destiny and purpose. His clarion call provokes a divine awakening that celebrates the fullness of the intrinsic God potential.

He joyously beckons all men to discover and relish their identity. And wonder of wonders, he places tools in their hands to ultimately grasp the realization of their supernatural connection. In other words, men are uniquely created to be courageous champions!

We often tease that one of the names for the Holy Spirit is "Holy Sneaky." Through the fast paced and often humorous writings of our friend, Dr. Cliff Self, you will experience the reality of "A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down." Before you know what has happened, the Holy Spirit will have snuck into your heart, and you will be forever changed. Perhaps, you'll learn a secret or two that will cause others to question your smile.

- Pastors Dony and Reba Rambo-McGuire
Grammy Award winners, The River at Music City
Book Review from Marcus D. Lamb | Print |  E-mail

"The Greek for submission speaks of accountability and Man UP addresses this important need in a man's life with insight and practicality, while providing the biblical and common-sense tools of how to bring our flesh under the submission of the Lordship of Christ. In doing so, Man UP provides the spiritual keys necessary for every man desiring that his life become a positive influence in a negative world. With concise teaching, Dr. Self goes a step further and positively shares with men how to become an honest leader in a world permeated with deceit, and a faithful husband in a world consumed with infidelity.

Man UP has the potential to help every man move into his respective sphere of responsibility, with the clear understanding that any leadership or influence must flow from the rock-solid foundation of godly character."

- Marcus D. Lamb President/Founder of Daystar Television Network